About Uber Claims

We are an Employment Law Solicitors firm.
We represent and assist Uber drivers seeking past wages compensation. 
* Have you received a backdated wages compensation offer directly from Uber? 

* Are you wondering whether you are getting a good deal?  

* Are you wondering whether to accept or reject the offer?  

We  are here to provide you with independent legal advice on your concerns. 

If Uber makes you an offer, we will assess the merits of the offer. If our advice is that you are getting a good deal then we will advise you to accept it.  
If Uber makes you an offer which is lower  than what you should be entitled then we will advice you to reject the offer. The decision whether to accept or reject the offer is entirely yours and you can still accept an offer against our advice.
If Uber say you are not eligible to claim, then we will assess your eligibility to claim.  You may have a valid claim even if Uber say you do not.

Should you decide to reject the offer then we shall advise you of your options including making a claim in the employment tribunal or civil courts.

Independent Legal Advice

We will provide you with the independent legal advice on any offers of past wages compensation you may receive from Uber. 

If you are not eligible to Uber past payment or you wish to make your compensation claim though us, please fill in your details in the ‘register claim’ section.

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Employment Rights

Whilst Uber Drivers are and continue to remain self-employed for tax purposes, worker employment status  would give drivers two basis employment rights:

  • Right to take holiday leave and be paid for it 

  • ​​Right not to receive less than minimum wage after expenses

Compensation Estimator

Please use the calculator to see how much you could be entitled to claim per year. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to depends upon how many hours you work and how long you have worked for Uber.

Please enter hourly income after Uber commission fees and vehicle  expenses. Please also enter weekly hours worked for a rough estimation of compensation entitlement.

The calculator assumes the National Minimum Wage rate of £8.72 before 1st April 2021. The new rate is £8.91